Light the Light (light_the_light) wrote in sengoku_gyoujin,
Light the Light


After many long months, someone on my f-list posted about the series. There's now an update and a trailer, with some more of the characters.

We already knew about Masamune, Shigezane, and Kojuurou, but the Date also have Megohime, as well as a few other characters (enemies?)
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thanks for the update! Well more info about the characters! I am excited about it after the trailer!

Ahhh it looks so nice, I hope the entire show is in this style. But still no word on when it's coming out? :(
I saw a list of fall anime a couple of weeks ago, and I don't... remember seeing Dullahan on it? And I would have noticed, I think. No one else mentioned it, either. So not this fall, at least.
I caaaaame
Ah, sounds awesome! :D
Apparently, the enemies are Souma Yoshitane, Satake Yoshihige and Sen no Rikyu. o.o
.....I tried to understand the story from the character profiles and summary through Google translate, but I can only understand abit of the story... orz
/sorry for suddenly/randomly appearing here orz